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Four Mums in a Boat

The Yorkshire Rows on 07/03/2018 19:30

to be confirmed soon

Chemistry Theatre, University of Bristol
The Yorshire Rows (c) Ben Duffy

The Yorkshire Rows, Niki Doeg, Helen Butters, Frances Davies, and Janette Benaddi (the Skipper) are four Yorkshire mums who all have children at the same school and became friends after taking up rowing at a club in York. Their participation in the race raised money to help fund a Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre in Leeds and also to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

In due course, we'll be confirming which member of the crew will be our speaker.


Arriving in Antigua (c) Ben Duffy

Yorkshire Rows is a team of four formidable working mums who dared to dream. They are the first women to row across the North Sea and holders of a Guinness World Record for rowing 3000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean during what has been described as the world's toughest rowing race, the Atlantic Challenge. The crew left La Gomera in the Canary Islands and completed the 3,000-mile challenge reaching Antigua 68 days later. In doing so, they became Guinness World Record holders as the oldest all-female crew to row across any ocean. They've just published a book, Four Mums in a Boat, about their experience.

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