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The Eddystone Light

I’m from near Plymouth and the shipping forecast, the Mewstone, the tides and the Eddystone were just a few of sea themed words we used growing up, although I’ve never been to the Eddystone Lighthouse that sits there now. There is a gig race that goes around it every year, running with the tides, which I haven’t done either. The round trip is about 26 miles (yes, yes, well done Julie!) I gathered lots of information about all the lighthouses around the UK to illustrate this picture but it wouldn't all fit without looking ridiculously crowded. So I plucked out the names of just some of them and noted then around the outside. The Eddystone Light sea shanty is also a poem and a folk song. I love the fact that mermaids seem to be so irresponsible and this one is no different.

The Eddystone Light. (c) Fiona Willis 2019


The Eddystone Light. (c) Fiona Willis 2019