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1 week ago

On Wed 24th Jan Steve Berry returns to the Wilderness stage to describe his recent trips to the Mountains of Bhutan to seek an answer to unexplainable tracks in the snow spotted high on a mountain face. Steve is a partner in Wilderness Lectures but more importantly owns Mountain Kingdoms and regularly leads treks to the Himalaya. Steve has visited the mountain regions of Bhutan many times. Since finding the strange tracks he has been seeking an explanation, learning of tales and beliefs held by the local Bhutanese people together with those of people who have spent time studying strange goings on across the Himalayan chain. It should be a fascinating evening. For more information see: http://www.wildernesslectures.com/speaker.php?id=227

3 weeks ago

Happy new year.

Following Felicity Aston's reference to the 'whisper of the stars', one of our regulars, Pete Salenieks, located this site, which may be of interest


1 month ago

Put the 14th April 2018 in your diary. We're intending to provide you with an alternative to sitting at home watching the telly on Saturday night. We're going to arrange a one-off event for the evening. More details in the spring.

1 month ago

Well, Felicity Aston gave us a great finale to the pre-Christmas part of our programme. The flawless performance of her team's Land Rover makes you wonder why the company stopped producing Defenders to focus on the Chelsea tractors that seem so common round here. Their vehicle traversed nearly 40,000km, including visiting the coldest inhabited place on the planet and travelling on some tracks that made Bristol roads look like a billiard table.

Have a very happy Christmas and a great New Year. If you're off skiing, don't break any bones or, if you do, make sure you are sufficiently mobile to get to our next event, an evening with the off-road cycling legend, Hans Rey. Mind you, if you haven't yet got a ticket, you need to get on with it because we are nearly sold out.

1 month ago

The Alpine Club South West is hosting Paul Ramsden on Tuesday December 19th. Paul will be talking about “A Tale of Four Axes (A journey from Pudsey to Tibet over thirty years)”
His lecture will cover all four of his Piolet d’Or awards for outstanding alpine mountaineering achievements.

Venue: Upper Room of the Nova Scotia, Cumberland Basin, Hotwells, Bristol, BS1 6XJ. Meet for beer and food from 6.30pm; lecture starts at 7.30pm. All AC & Eagle Ski members and guests are welcome. There is no entry charge, but non-members of AC or Eagle Ski are asked to confirm by email to Tony Westcott (twestcott@btinternet.com) prior to the event and may like to make a donation of £5 to the Montane Alpine Club Climbing Fund.

1 month ago

In 2008 Felicity Aston was our Award winner for her 700km journey across Lake Baikal on the ice. Since then, she has gone on to do extraordinary things including becoming an M.B.E. On Wednesday 13th Dec, Felicity is back with us again to tell us the story of her journey into some of the most extreme winter climates in the world including the Pole of Cold, the coldest inhabited place on the planet where temperatures plummeted to almost -60C.

1 month ago

We've only got a few tickets left for Keith Partridge's talk on life as an adventure cameraman, tomorrow. To make sure you get one, give Stanfords a call 0117 9299966

2 months ago

The Alpine Club, South West is hosting Steve Swenson to talk about “Karakorum Climbing through the Kashmir Conflict” on Tuesday 14 November 2017. Steve is a past President of the American Alpine Club and is on a brief lecture tour of UK, including Keswick Mountain Festival.

Described on Climbing.com as the 'quintessential Northwest hardman', he’s been climbing for nearly half a century and, among many other accomplishments, been awarded a Piolet d’Or for his Saser Kangri ascent. He’s also an accomplished author, published in Climbing, Rock and Ice, Alpinist, and the American Alpine Journal.

The best mountain climbing in the world, Steve Swenson will tell you, is in the Karakoram. He has been climbing there since 1980 and has a perspective on the land and its people like few others. A complex place, the Karakoram Range is located in Kashmir, a western Himalaya border region that has a long history of tension and conflict between China, India, and Pakistan.

Venue: Redpoint Climbing Centre, 40 Winterstoke Road, Bristol BS3 2NW - https://www.redpointbristol.co.uk/contact-us/ . Meet for beer and food from 6.30pm; lectures start at 7.30pm. The AC SW regional organisers are Tony Westcott and Chris Storie.
All AC & Eagle Ski members and guests are welcome. There is no entry charge, but non-members of AC or Eagle Ski are asked to make a donation of £5 to the Montane Alpine Club Climbing Fund.

2 months ago

Someone called Will contacted us yesterday via our website to ask about tickets for Hans Rey. But he didn't give us his email address so we can't reply. So, Will (or friends of Will) yes, tickets are still available in advance from Stanfords shop in Bristol or their website - there's a link to this on our website.