wilderness LECTURES

A winter series of public lectures in Bristol the theme of which is world-wide adventure.

Our lecturers are well known explorers, mountaineers, travel writers, TV personalities, adventure sports personalities or anyone who has an epic story to tell and can enthral our audience with a rattling good yarn. The talks are invariably illustrated with slides and/or film.

Featured Speaker

Hans Rey

Hans Rey

Hans Rey was born in Germany in 1966, but is now a Swiss/American national residing in Laguna Beach, California with his wife Carmen. He is a former Trials World Champion, inductee of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and widely considered to be a pioneer of both the Mountain Bike Freeride movement and the Trials riding scene. He's been a pro mountain biker for 30 years! As a professional rider and ambassador for the sport he continues to travel the world, having so far visited seventy different countries.
During the mid-90s, Hans created the Hans Rey Adventure Team visiting remote and extreme locations around the globe, often riding his bike where a bicycle had never been ridden before. In addition, Hans would seek out locations that were both historic and held some mystery, always capturing his exploits for the media.

In 2005 Hans started a non-profit charity called Wheels 4 Life, giving bicycles to people most in need of transportation in developing countries. Currently he is working with IMBA to develop more beginner friendly flow trails. In 2017 Hans climbed and rode Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro back to back.

Hans is sponsored by: GT Bicycles, Adidas Terrex, Carosello 3000 Mountain Park Livigno, Crank Brothers, Fox Shox, iXS protection, Clif Bars, SQ Lab saddles, Deuter backpacks, Stans NoTubes, Adidas Eyewear.

There's more information about Wheels 4 Life on Hans' website.

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Coming Up Next...

An Evening with Hans Rey

Hans Rey - 10/01/2018 19:30

Hans will reflect on his 30 years as a pro rider, showing photos and short video clips, while narrating and telling stories about the early days, trials, freeride, competitions,etc… He will cover his career highlights including the Adventure Team trips, the Wheels 4 Life charity, ‘Flow’ and many other subjects including his recent back to back expedition on Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Yeti and the highest unclimbed mountain in the World

Steve Berry - 24/01/2018 19:30

Steve has something of an obsession with Bhutan's highest mountain, Gangkar Punsum 7,550m/14,770ft. In 1986 he took a mainly Bristol based expedition to attempt the first ascent. The expedition failed when an early winter jet-stream basically blew the expedition off the mountain. There were all kinds of adventures, and it was undoubtedly a turning point in his life. It resulted in Steve setting up an adventure travel company which is still his passion 30 years on. In that intervening time he has taken six more groups to visit the highest unclimbed peak in the world, and to explore both the western and eastern sides of the peak.

In 2014 he was trying to find a route from east to west and standing on a col at 5,426m/17,800ft his trusty Bhutanese Guide, Karma Tenzing, spotted a strange set of tracks high on the adjoining mountainside. In 2015 he returned to the same spot and a mile or so down the valley found more unexplainable tracks. Steve's talk is about these findings and he will relate a little of what has happened since. The mountain remains unclimbed and in fact the Bhutanese authorities have now closed their kingdom to all mountaineering expeditions. Steve will also describe Bhutanese beliefs in relation to the Yeti, and the creature's place in their rich folklore.

Sailing around the North Pole

Sir David Hempleman-Adams - 07/02/2018 19:30

In summer 2016 The Polar Ocean Challenge team, led by Sir David, a veteran polar region adventurer, successfully circumnavigated the North Pole in a small aluminium sailing boat. Departing from Bristol, via Murmansk and back via Greenland and an Atlantic crossing, they endured freezing conditions, met with more than one hurricane, avoided collisions with icebergs, got stuck in the ice on more than one occasion, and encountered various wildlife including a polar bear.

The purpose of the trip was to cast a spotlight on Arctic climate change. A double transit of both the North East and North West Passages in one season was only possible due to the extreme melting of what historically has been a frozen sea; last year being the lowest recorded ice extent in history. Sir David’s expedition reached 100 million people worldwide with its message to attempt to preserve the Arctic’s natural environment